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How To Add An Image To Your Email Signature

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How To Add An Image To Your Email Signature

Outlook for Desktop (PC)

  1. Save the banner as an image.
  2. From the Home tab, click New E-mail.
  3. From the Message tab, click the downward triangle under the Signature button.
  4. Click Signatures. The Signatures and Stationery dialog box will open.
  5. Click the New button.
  6. Type a name for your new signature.
  7. Click the OK button.
  8. In the Edit signature section, click the image button.
  9. In the Insert Picture dialog, select the image you wish to include.
  10. Click the Insert button.
  11. In the Picture files dialog, navigate to the image file you would like to use.
  12. Highlight the image file and click Open.
  13. In the Picture dialog, click the OK button. Your image will appear.
  14. Add any other text as needed.
  15. Click the OK button.

Outlook for Desktop (Mac)

  1. Save the banner as an image.
  2. On the Outlook menu, click Preferences.
  3. Under Email, click Signatures.
  4. Create a new signature above, or select an existing signature from the list.
  5. Drag an image from a folder or desktop to the position where you want it to appear in the signature. Edit the image to size ahead of time, as you won't be able to resize the image once you've dragged it to the Signatures box.
  6. You can also copy and paste an image into the signature.
  7. Close the Signatures box.

Gmail for Desktop

  1. Save the banner as an image.
  2. With Gmail open, navigate to the General Settings page of your Gmail account through the Settings button (the one with the gear icon) and then the Settings option.
  3. Scroll toward the bottom of the page until you find the Signature area.
  4. Make sure the radio button next to the custom signature area is selected and not the "No signature" one. If the other one is selected, then the signature won't apply to your messages.
  5. Position the mouse cursor exactly where you want the image to go. For example, if it should rest just below your name, then type your name and press enter so that a new line is available below it for the picture.
  6. From the menu there in the signature editor, click the Insert Image button to open the Add an image window.
  7. Search or browse for your own pictures in the My Drive tab or upload one from Upload or Web Address (URL).
  8. Click Select to insert the image into the signature. If you need to resize it because it's too small or large, click the picture once it's inserted to access the small resize menu.
  9. Scroll to the very bottom of the settings and click Save Changes to apply the new signature.

Mac OS X Mail

  1. Save the banner as an image.
  2. Select Mail | Preferences… from the menu.
  3. Go to the Signatures tab.
  4. Highlight the signature you want to edit.
  5. Now highlight the area you want to format.
  6. Use Spotlight or Finder to locate the desired image, then drag and drop it to the desired location in the signature.
  7. Go to the Composing tab in the preferences window.
  8. Make sure Rich Text is selected under Message Format: for formatting to be applied to signatures. With Plain Text enabled, you will get a plain text version of your signature.