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BEVERAGE - Pulse of The Industry

PACK EXPO East showcases the very latest packaging machinery and equipment, materials, containers, automation technology and controls for the beverage industry.

See the latest news facing the beverage industry here and find beverage packaging innovations such as digital printing and lightweight materials and containers from vendors you can connect with at PACK EXPO East. 



Canned water’s time has come

As a result of the war on plastic, the use of aluminum containers for water will increase considerably as soon as 2020.



Water bottler adds glass and plastic

Increased demand for its bottled water compelled a bottler to add two new lines, one for glass and one for PET, running at 25,000 and 20,000 bottles/hr, respectively.



Can carrier scales from craft to volume 

A new can carrier system offers an environmentally friendly alternative to polymer can handles, easing transport from six-packs to cases of canned beverages.



Removing plastic from multipacks

Replacing plastic shrink wrap with recyclable paperboard for its multipack cans across will help Coca Cola meet European environmental commitments.



Unique tea in thin-walled PET

The wide-mouth PET container was chosen for a unique shelf appearance and compatibility with existing equipment.



Aseptically packed iced coffee 

A milk-based ready-to-drink iced coffee beverage in paperboard packaging offers shelf-stability and the ability to reclose.



Supplementing bottle line with cans

When adding a canning line to its bottle filling operation, a craft brewer fit a new depalletizer, filler and seamer with dual-purpose conveyors to handle both formats.



PET blow/fill line for vinegar 

A 220-year-old vinegar company installed a new system for blowing and filling of PET bottles at speeds to 23,000/hr.



Punchy redesign 

A label refresh solidified a juice drink maker’s consumer base while appealing to a younger generation with a colorful, contemporary look and feel.



Wine-in-a-can expands 

The drivers and motivations of wine-in-a-can consumers, identifying those areas winemakers should focus on to build their canned wine sales.