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CANNABIS – Pulse of the Industry

cannabisWhether you’re looking for cannabis-friendly containers and materials, advances in digital printing or safeguarding systems, you’ll find the packaging solutions you need to grow your business at PACK EXPO East.

See the latest news in cannabis packaging here and investigate innovations from vendors you can connect with at PACK EXPO East. And make sure to register for PACK EXPO East to see this equipment running live that will provide solutions to all your challenges.




Senior friendly but child-resistant

Currently undergoing child-resistance testing, a new recloseable packaging system protects cannabis products including flower, edibles and capsules.



Hemp Tea in thin-walled PET

The wide-mouth PET container was chosen for a unique shelf appearance and compatibility with existing equipment.



Clearing cannabis labeling hurdle

Variable direct coding eliminates the label and its application process by printing required CBD, THC and cannabis information directly on the package.



Research lights finally turn green

The federal government finally made a move to help increase the availability of cannabis for medical research.



CBD packaging opportunities abound

Often made and packaged to individual customer needs, CBD takes on a variety of packaging forms, with some requiring an eye dropper with specific measurements or a precise measuring spoon for powder.



Compliant, sustainable, user-friendly cannabis packaging

An innovative open-bottom, flush-walled jar design secures cannabis product while meeting consumer needs.



All-in-one filler/capper

An entry-level tincture filler capper is an all-in-one bottle filler and capper machine explicitly designed for the CBD and essential oil industries.