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FOOD - Pulse of The Industry

PACK EXPO East showcases the very latest packaging machinery and equipment, materials, containers, automation technology and controls for the Food industry.

See the latest news facing the food industry here and keep up with advances to help you appeal to changing tastes and ensure safety and security from vendors you can connect with at PACK EXPO East. And make sure to register for PACK EXPO East to see this equipment running live that will provide solutions to all your food packaging challenges.

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Keep it Lean and Clean

On-the-go eating persists globally, with consumers looking for portion control and convenience in bite-size, flavorful and healthful foods. Regardless of when or how meals are eaten, consumers are increasingly cautious when it comes to what is in food.



Industry Focus on Brand Protection

With the onset of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the rising cost of recalls and the increase in counterfeit products, the food and beverage industry seek brand protection solutions.



High Pressure Processing helps keep products fresh without preservatives

In the past, the most common way to safely increase shelf life was through preservatives, additives or heat processing. But now, with the growth of High Pressure Processing (HPP), food manufacturers can deliver a fresh product with reduced or no chemical preservatives – as well as without the sodium these additives may contain.



Staying on top by staying in front

Greek yogurt leader plumbs the depths of its brand along with consumer desires to create exciting new package designs that reflect its goal of universal wellness.



Seafood design with consumer in mind

New package graphics convey the high quality of its 30-plus SKUs and invite consumers to picture a relaxing, healthy, and easy meal.




Thanks to the more personal scale of PACK EXPO East, you can spend quality time with individual suppliers and talk through ideas for specific projects.




Whether or not you have a current project in the works, seeing what technology is out there and laying the groundwork of personal connections with vendors will go a long way toward keeping you nimble and relevant in the food packaging industry.