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MEAT/POULTRY/SEAFOOD - Pulse of The Industry

PACK EXPO East showcases the very latest packaging machinery and equipment, materials, containers, automation technology and controls for the meat/poultry/seafood industry.  

See the latest news facing the meat/poultry/seafood industry here and keep up with packaging solutions you need to keep your products safe and fresh from vendors you can connect with at PACK EXPO East. And make sure to register for PACK EXPO East to see this equipment running live that will provide solutions to all your meat/poultry/seafood packaging challenges.



Fast food from the freezer

A vision-guided robotic carton loader for two-packs of White Castle sliders alleviates challenges resulting from a tight labor market.




Crack an egg

A major food manufacturer is banking on the allure of convenience to stir up interest in the incredible, edible egg.



Material advancements wanted

CPGs are looking for better performance from primary protein package film and secondary packaging materials for meat, poultry and seafood.



Seafood design with consumer in mind

New package graphics convey the high quality of its 30-plus SKUs and invite consumers to picture a relaxing, healthy, and easy meal.