March 21—23, 2022
Philadelphia, PA USA
Show hours: 9:00 am – 3:00 pm daily

Hear From Past Attendees About Why Attending is So Important

"I came to PACK EXPO East looking to find packaging and labeling solutions but was pleasantly surprised to find so much more. It is very informative and the one-on-one engagement here is invaluable. It’s a great place to discover the latest technologies in the industry and see them in action. I'm walking away from the show knowing what types of machinery I'm going to invest in."

– David Garcia, Refresco Beverages US Inc.

“I'm a first-time attendee at PACK EXPO East searching for cobots and vertical form, fill, seal equipment. We found some great solutions on the show floor, and I would make the two-hour drive to the show again in the future.”

– Mike Williams, Mrs. T's Pierogies (Ateeco Inc.)

"This my first PACK EXPO East and it is extremely helpful in educating us in the types of machinery we're seeking to meet our needs. Though we came seeking packaging and labeling solutions for our applesauces and apple butters, we also learned a lot about the types of machinery we'll need for our production processes."

– Sarah Kauffman, Kauffman’s Fruit Farm

“PACK EXPO EAST is the only place locally where I can take my products and discuss my requirements with knowledgeable professionals to help me solve my packaging problems. I look forward to going every year.”

- Dale Wennagel, EnviroLube Inc.

“I came to PACK EXPO East looking for filling and label printing equipment. This is my first time at the show, and I've gotten some good information from prospective suppliers.”

– Kaleb Stelzer, Alco Soap and Supply

“We do automation integration for manufacturers across industries, including the food and pharmaceutical sectors. After walking the show for a while, we've already found a few solutions here at PACK EXPO East. We'll be back.”

– Joseph Guarriello, RG Group

“We came to the show to find cobots for integration into our quality assurance labs. This is our first time at PACK EXPO East, and the show has been a helpful resource.”

– Sarah Dollard, AstraZeneca

“With regulatory pressures and costs rising, PACK EXPO East allows me to gain insights from a broad range of exhibitors that understand our unique requirements and offer customized or innovative solutions to enhance our products performance.”

– Carol Landis, Premier Products Company

“What a great expo. It was my first time there and I met up with a few awesome wrapping and labeling companies that I might contact and do work in the future with!”

– Dennis Ortiz, Cooking With Love