Infographics Sum Up Industry Trends

Industry Infographics

Infographics Sum Up Industry Trends

Five Trends that Impacted Packaging During COVID-19

Key findings from PMMI's report, Economic Impact of COVID-19: Guidance in an Uncertain Economy, outlines important market trends worth considering in a second wave.


Trends and Drivers Impacting the Petfood Industry

Influential trends shaping the petfood market


Trends and Advances in Food Packaging & Processing

A look at the global food market


Senior Friendly Healthcare Packaging

Addressing packaging pain points encountered by seniors


A New Day Dawns for Nutraceuticals

As the nutraceuticals market diversifies, the industry is pivoting to the latest packaging formats and innovations in the food, beverage and pharmaceuticals sectors.


Industrial Robots - Growth and Opportunity

Here are the trends driving the explosive growth in industrial robot implementations.


A Tale of Two Crafts

PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, reviewed the trends, machinery, and growing use of automation in the craft beer and craft spirits industry in the U.S.