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Cartoning, Multipacking & Case Packing

Includes suppliers who specialize in the manufacture of machines that erect, form, load and close paperboard cartons as well as those who make case erectors, packers and sealers, as well as equipment that packs primary containers into corrugated trays. Also in this category is a wide range of multipacking equipment from shrink bundlers and carrier equipment, sleevers and banders and related machines that package individual items together.

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Cartoning Equipment

Cartoning equipment is defined as machinery that forms cartons as primary packages from flat blanks, including several related functions including erecting, folding, closing, side seaming and sealing of cartons.

  • Carton Erectors/Formers

    Equipment that forms cartons by erecting and forming flat blanks into a primary package.

  • Carton Sealers

    Equipment that closes and seals carton flaps into a finished primary package after the carton has been loaded with product.

  • Gabletop Cartoning Equipment

    Any cartoning machine that performs a variety of functions specific to gabletop cartons, including forming, folding, and sealing.

  • Integrated Carton Erect/Load/Seal

    Machines that perform the cartoning functions of erecting, closing, folding, side seaming, and sealing, on a single machine.

Case Packging Equipment

Any machinery related to the erecting, loading and sealing of cases and trays, usually at the end of a packaging line, for shipping and distribution.

  • Case Sealers

    Machinery that closes flaps of a case before sealing it using tape or other adhesives.

  • Case/Tray Erectors & Formers

    Equipment that assembles and readies paper-based cases and trays on a packaging line for later product filling or loading processes.

  • Integrated Erect/Load/Seal (Case or Tray)

    Machines that form, fill or load, and seal a case or tray on a single machine in a continuous operation.

  • Polybag Case Liner Equipment

    Equipment specifically designed to dispense and place plastic liners into cases to preserve freshness, integrity, to contain product inside the case, or for related applications.

  • Tray Loaders

    Equipment that places primary packages into shipping trays.

Multipacking Equipment

A wide range of equipment that consolidates multiple items for single sale (such as cans of soup on a shrink wrapped tray) or groups separate packages sold together as a single stock keeping unit (two water bottles shrink bundled together.)

  • Banders

    Equipment that applies a plastic or paper-based strip around a product.

  • Carrier Erectors & Applicators

    Machinery that erects any type of packaging carrier apparatus, such as equipment that applies plastic carriers onto six-packs of beer cans or machines that erect paperboard flats into six-pack carrying cases for glass bottles of soda.

  • Shrink Bundling Machines
  • Sleevers
  • Tray Formers

    Equipment that forms (but does not load products onto) durable, corrugated trays used to ship multiple items from a packaging operation, such as machines that form trays used to ship 20 cans of soup.