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Palletizing & Load Stabilization

Includes a range of mechanical or robotic systems that loads and unloads pallets or stabilizes them from stretch wrappers and palletizers to pallet conveyors and depalletizing systems. Also included here are related supplies, such as pallets and slip sheets.

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Equipment that unloads empty containers such as glass or plastic bottles to be filled from a pallet onto a packaging line.

  • Depalletizers (Magnetic)

    Depalletizing systems designed for unloading metal cans from a pallet onto a conveyor using a magnetic lift and release system.

  • Depalletizers (Mechanical)

    Mechanical or conventional depalletizing systems unload containers from a pallet onto a conveyor that feeds a packaging line without the use of robotics.

  • Depalletizers (Robotic)

    Robotic depalletizers unload containers from a pallet onto a conveyor using robotic arms.

Load Stabilization

Any machinery, systems, or accessories used to secure and stabilize a pallet while it is being loaded, or in later distribution or storage. Includes stretch wrappers, the most common type of machine, but also alternatives such as stretch hooders.

  • Corner Post & Edge Applicators

    Corner posts, corner boards, edge protectors and related protective material and systems that provide corner protection and load stabilization to pallet loads during shipment and storage.

  • Load Stabilizing Adhesive Systems

    Systems that apply non-destructive adhesives to individual cases or bags as they are loaded onto a pallet so that they grip the next layer above or below. Can be used as an alternative to stretch wrapping.

  • Strapping Equipment

    Any machine or manual tool that wraps and seals one or more plastic or metal straps around a load pallet to secure and stabilize it, ranging from manual strapping tensioners to automatic machines.

  • Stretch Hooders

    Machinery that vertically covers a pallet load from top to bottom with a hood of stretch film.

  • Stretch Wrappers

    Semi-automatic and automatic machines that wrap highly elastic plastic film around finished pallet loads to protect and contain them during shipping and warehousing; includes rotary towers, turntable systems, orbital wrappers and other types of stretch wrapping systems.

Pallet Conveying, Dispeners & Slip Sheets

Tools, accessories and systems for augmenting pallets with extra stability or for moving pallets around a facility after the pallet has been loaded and stabilized.

  • Pallet Conveyors & Turntables

    Pallet conveyors are specialized conveyors designed to transfer empty or finished pallets from a palletizing station to another station within a facility, such as a dock station or warehouse rack. Included here are related items for moving pallets such as skid carousel turntables that orient pallets into the desired direction on a conveyor.

  • Pallet Dispensers

    Machines that raise or lower pallets from a stack to ready them for a manual or automatic palletizing operation.

  • Pallet Inverters/Elevators

    Pallet inverters are designed to turn an entire pallet load in various directions (upside down, sideways, etc.), enabling a damaged case at the bottom or side of the pallet to be easily removed without having to unstack a pallet manually. Pallet elevators are used to lift or lower pallets, often within a warehouse of a facility.

  • Pallets & Slip Sheets

    Pallets are flat structures that support bulk products, shipping cases, and other bulk goods that come in plastic, wood, stainless steel, aluminum, and other varieties. Slip sheets are flexible thin sheets made of fiber, plastic or corrugated material that support finished products such as shipping cases or multipacks that are collected by forklifts with push/pull mechanisms, as an alternative to pallets.

  • Slip Sheet/Top Sheet Handling

    Equipment that helps load or otherwise handle slip sheets and top sheets such as push/pull mechanisms for slip sheets that are configured onto forklifts.


Palletizing equipment automatically stacks cases, heavy bags or empty containers onto pallets instead of relying on manual labor. There are a variety of different types of mechanical and robotic palletizers.

  • Palletizers (Mechanical)

    Conventional or mechanical palletizers contain row formers, elevators and row pushers that load cases or bags in determined locations onto a pallet.

  • Palletizers (Robotic)

    Robotic palletizers use robotic arms to load cases, bags or containers onto a pallets.