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Plant Facilities, Infrastructure & Operations

Companies that supply building infrastructure (doors, ceilings, flooring, drains and lighting), plant operations supplies (lubricants, cleaning chemicals) as we and sanitizing, clean-in-place (CIP), HVAC, safety and related solutions.

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Building Infrastructure

Products that are installed on the plant floor or into a facility’s walls, floors and ceiling.

  • Cleanrooms
  • Doors & Air Curtains

    Any product related to industrial doors, including swinging doors, air curtains, steel doors, security and access doors, overhead and garage doors, dock doors and coiling doors.

  • Flooring & Drains

    Any product specifically related to what goes on to a facility’s floor, including floor tiles, stair tread covers, floor coatings, floor and trench drains, trap seals and floor matting.

  • Lighting
  • Mezannines, Platforms & Stairs

    Mezzanines, platforms and other elevated work areas for industry, including walkways, crossovers, catwalks, stairs, ladders, railings and bar gratings. Also included here are in-plant offices and cages, lockers, storage cabinets and related items.

  • Safety Infrastructure

    Infrastructural products that are mounted or installed within a facility for industrial safety protocols including but not limited to guard rails for warehouses, safety bollards, and spill containment berms.

  • Walls & Ceilings

    Any product related to walls and ceilings in a facility, including paneling, tiles, suspended grids, partitions, dividing walls and related items.

Plant Operations

Products, tools, and consumables specifically related to day-to-day maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) within an industrial facility.

  • Cleaning & Supplies

    Accessories and tools related to maintaining a clean and dry work area, such as industrial sweepers, boot washers and disinfectants, cleaning chemicals, hand sanitizer, recycling bins, tilt trucks, plastic shovels and related items.

  • Lubricants

    Industrial oils, greases, sealants and lubricants used in machinery.

  • Plant Support Services

    Any product related to maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) of a facility, including repair tools, tool cribs and change part carts.

  • Safety Equipment & Apparel

    Consumable supplies used for safety purposes, such as floor tape, industrial shoes and boots, gloves and safety vests. Also includes protective gear such as hard hats, safety goggles, hearing protection accessories and protective aprons and smocks.

Sanitizing & Clean-In-Place (CIP)

Industrial cleaning and sanitizing systems, equipment and paraphernalia used to sanitize food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing equipment.

  • Blowdown Equipment
  • Mobile Cleaning

    Systems on wheels that can be transported to various points within a facility for deep cleaning, usually in contrast to clean-in-place systems.

  • Software for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

    Tools that help facilities monitor their compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) related to hygiene and sanitation and other indicators. Examples include software, training, record keeping systems and other tools.

  • Tank Cleaning Equipment/Systems

    Cleaning systems engineered to hygienically clean and sanitize tanks, blenders, totes and other vessels used in processing environments.

  • Washdown Stations, Hoses, Hose Reels

    Systems that disperse hot water onto equipment for efficient cleaning. Included here are washdown hoses, hose reels and related equipment.

  • Washers (Container, Pan, Parts)

    Any washing system used to sanitize processing equipment such as baking pans, machine parts and containers prior to filling.

Utilities & Ventilation

Systems for managing industrial utilities such as air, water and electricity within a facility.

  • Air Compressors & Blowers

    Systems that deliver air in a compressed state to power pneumatic systems, equipment, and plant facility infrastructure. Industrial blowers are used in a variety of applications including extracting industrial fumes and dust or powder removal.

  • Boilers & Water Heaters
  • Dewatering

    Machinery that removes liquids from a discharged sludge after processing in order to dispose of the material more effectively, such as systems that dewater spent hops in a beer brewing facility.

  • Electrical & Power Distribution

    Electrical systems and equipment related to the electric room such as transformers, breakers, fuses, switches and switching circuits, wiring, and other products related to the overall power distribution infrastructure within a plant.

  • Fans & Ventilation

    Systems and infrastructure related to ventilation within a facility, such as ceiling fans, exhaust fans and air ducts.

  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

    Equipment related to ambient temperature and ventilation of a building facility, including air conditioners, heating systems, air ducts and ventilation.

  • Refrigeration
  • Vacuum Systems

    Industrial central vacuum systems that power cleaning, sanitizing, pneumatic systems, pumping and other industrial processes.

  • Water & Wastewater Treatment

    Systems and related chemicals for the treatment and removal of wash water and other industrial fluids. Includes water treatment systems for ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and vacuum evaporating and filtering, as well as systems related to the treatment of wastewater into sewers and treatment facilities.