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March 18-20, 2024 | Philadelphia, PA
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Professional & Outside Services

A wide range of service providers are featured in this category from to design/build firms, engineering services firms, systems integrators, pest control services, and contract manufacturers and packagers and transportation service providers.

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Contract Manufacturing & Packaging Services

Suppliers of manufacturing, contract manufacturing (co-man) and processing services or contract packaging (co-packing) services on behalf of a client.

  • Contract Manufacturing

    Third-party food, pharmaceutical, and other manufacturers, also known as co-mans, that are hired by clients to turn ingredients into products and provide packaging services to produce finished products that are ready for sale to the consumer.

  • Contract Packaging

    Third-party companies, also known as co-packers or co-packaging companies, that are hired to package products on behalf of their clients.

Facility Design & Engineering Services

Design/build services related to the architectural design and construction of packaging and processing plants. Also includes companies that provide engineering and integration services such as building full processing or packaging lines within a facility.

  • Engineering Services

    Firms providing engineering services to either design and engineer new packaging lines, processing lines, or building infrastructure and systems, or the same services to improve operational efficiency of an existing packaging line, processing line, or building.

  • Facility Design & Construction

    Firms providing services for the design/build of plants, including architectural firms that specialize in the planning and plant design, site selection and civil engineering services, utility services consulting, and construction firms.

  • Process Validation

    Firms that specialize in assisting consumer packaged goods companies and others receive validation for compliance with any applicable regulatory standards, such as cGMP, FDA, USDA, and others.

  • System Integrators

    Companies that integrate one or more machines, controls, or other systems on a packaging or processing line. Includes controls systems integrators, software integrators, warehouse systems integrators, building control integration, process engineering integrators and related services.

Packaging Services

Companies that provide outsourced professional services related to package design, testing, validation, decoration, machinery selection and line layout.

  • Contract Decoration

    Companies that provide specialized services mainly related to materials, such as shrink-sleeve labeling services, metallizing or embossing services, and other specialty decoration services.

  • Package Design & Development

    Companies that provide packaging design services, including graphic design, package structural design and container engineering. Includes companies that provide related software and tools.

  • Package Testing Services

    Companies that provide packaging testing services such as material machinability testing, package process troubleshooting, distribution simulations, pressure testing, food contact testing, cold chain testing and similar tests on packages.

  • Package Validation Services

    Accredited labs that specialize in helping consumer packaged goods (CPGs) and other companies obtain validations and certifications for their packaging.

  • Prepress & Verification Services

    Companies that provide prepress services for packaging printers, such as package copy/labeling compliance services, label verification, prepress proofing services and related specialty services.

Plant Maintenance Services

Companies that provide outsourced professional services related to the maintenance and support of normal plant operations, not related to a specific processing or packaging operation.

  • Analysis & Calibration
  • Procurement Services
  • Sanitation & Cleaning