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Unofficial Vendor Warnings


Exhibitors have reported receiving solicitations from vendors NOT affiliated with PMMI or PACK EXPO – specifically regarding hotel reservations, attendee list sales and advertising in Packaging Industry News, which is published by the Source Group.

Misleading Solicitations for Show Daily

PMMI is in receipt of reports from exhibitors stating that representatives from the Source Group were walking the aisles at PACK EXPO Las Vegas and Healthcare Packaging EXPO 2017 attempting to sell advertising slots for the 2018 edition of Packaging Industry News and were misleading exhibitors to believe this was the official Show Daily for PACK EXPO International and Healthcare Packaging EXPO 2018. Please note that PMMI has NO affiliation with the Source Group and their publications are strictly prohibited from being handed out on the premises of our show or in hotels within our housing block. PMMI does not publish a Show Daily at PACK EXPO East and anyone claiming to be selling advertising in a Show Daily is NOT approved by PMMI.

Attendee Email List Scams

We would like to remind all exhibitors that the attendee mailing list for PACK EXPO East is available for rent through PMMI only. Any solicitation claiming to have the email list of PACK EXPO East attendees or attendee lists from any of our shows is fraudulent, as PMMI does not sell or rent the attendee email list.

Hotel Reservation Scams

PMMI is in receipt of reports from exhibitors who have booked hotel rooms through various third parties only to subsequently learn that no reservations are in place and their deposits along with full prepayment are not being returned.

Additionally, numerous convention bureaus are reporting hundreds of complaints from trade show managers who are receiving similar reports from exhibiting companies who booked rooms through a “third party room broker” and ended up at sold-out hotels with no reservations and no recourse for the payment of rooms. These brokers falsely imply they are affiliated with show management and secure deposits and/or full prepayment from exhibiting companies.

The official Hotel Reservation Office for all PACK EXPO shows is Expovision. Hotel reservations will be available February 2019. PMMI reminds its exhibitors that we have no affiliation with any of these other room brokers. The only company that is officially sanctioned and certified by PMMI to book hotel rooms on behalf of its exhibitors and attendees as the PACK EXPO East Hotel Reservation Office is Expovision, which can be contacted by phone at 866-523-0877 or 703-205-0480.

Please immediately contact Expovision with any solicitations or questions.

Exhibitors Beware

We urge all exhibitors to be especially diligent when engaging with any vendor who is not an official contractor of PACK EXPO. PMMI and our official PACK EXPO vendors will never send emails from a non-business account such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.

If you receive a solicitation and are unsure of the vendor’s affiliation with PMMI or PACK EXPO East, please contact the PMMI Show Department at 571-612-3200 or [email protected].